GTA Vice City Modern Edition v3.0 Mod

gta vice city modern v2.0 download
While some rumors have been circulating that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has been coming but, you don't need to wait for eons for the next game in the series to return to the iconic neon-soaked space with better visuals this time.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City came out seventeen years ago. In that game, players played the role of criminal Tommy Vercetti. From what we know so far, Rockstar has not planned to release a proper remastered of Vice City. However, in August 2020 Take-Two registered the GTA Vice City online domain (hinting at the possible inclusion of this map in GTA Online).

GTA Vice City Modern Edition v3.0 will include all original missions, weapons, and characters. As the title suggests, this would be a proper port for the entire game in the Vice City Engine.

GTA Vice City Modern v.3.0 - Game mod - Download
GTA Vice City better graphics mod
GTA Vice City Best High Graphics Mod 2021 (For 1GB RAM)
As stated, & Muhammad Waqas Qamar. Now release GTA Vice City Modern Edition v3.0 Mod. Muhammad Waqas Qamar. is currently polishing the game's graphics and script. Once done, it will share two new gameplay videos.

Talking about GTA Vice City Modern Edition v3.0, you might be interested in this HD Texture Pack. We also suggest taking a look at the Vice City Remastered Project for Vice Cry: Remastered for GTA V.

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Filename: Vice City Modern v3.0 (GTAModPlace.CoM).rar
Price: Free
Size: 4.34GB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

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