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My Name is Waqas also "Muhammad Waqas Qamar", my Nickname is "Vicky". I am a 28 years old guy, I basically belong to Jhang Sadar but currently, I live in Faisalabad, Pakistan. My Native Language Is Urdu, but I can understand, speak and write English, I love Urdu and respect all other languages of the world including, English. by profession, I am a student of computer & English as well as a teacher of computer. I am not a higher educated person but I still struggle for living and learning new things to inspire others.

My Message
My message is just simple, being a human always respect humans, don't try to deceive others otherwise, you will be deceived. Don't ever lose your metal. Always try to do something new, Be a professional and do as a professional. 

Whoever you are, what language you speak, wherever you are I don't know, but please spread this blog with your friends, share it on Facebook and Google Plus, Subscribe for Email updates and make registration on this blog.

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