GTA San Andreas Night Lights Mod

GTA San Andreas Night Lights Mod
Instead of waiting for a proper remastered that might never be released (until the GTA Online money suddenly runs dry), we have some dedicated hardworking fans who have worked hard to improve the San Andreas visuals to make the game look good. took it upon himself. Then.

These fans aren't just ordinary modders: they're the kings of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, saving us from the evil of low-detail models, plane skyboxes, and pristine aspect ratios. Let us praise him.

Project2DFX v4.3 for GTA San Andreas -
GTA SA building lights mod
GTA SA Realistic Skybox mod
With the Night Lights Mod, GTA: San Andreas finally makes the leap to the current generation.

I mean, if you're not really used to low-setting current-gen games, you'll definitely dig it.

The San Andreas Night Lights mod packs an impressive amount of visual improvements, from high-quality textures for cars to a more realistic skybox.

And here's our favorite: some anti-aliasing options that will permanently remove those unsightly molasses from the state of San Andreas.

Nothing is more current-gen than anti-aliasing options, I assure you!

Links: Click Here
Filename: SA-Night Lights Installer.exe
Price: Free
Size: 410MB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

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