GTA San Andreas Magic Ultra Mod

GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics Mod Download Android
While it was mighty impressive in 2004, GTA San Andreas hasn't aged so well.

It still plays like a charm, sure, but it doesn't look as good anymore.

Instead of waiting for a proper remastered that may never be released (until the GTA Online money suddenly dries up), we have some dedicated hardworking fans who have worked hard to improve the San Andreas visuals to make the game look good. took it upon himself. Then.

These fans aren't just ordinary modders: they're saviors of the Grand Theft Auto universe, protecting us from the evil of low-detail models, plane skyboxes, and ancient aspect ratios. Let us praise him.

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Now that you have the textures for the characters, roads, and buildings taken from Grand Theft Auto V, don't you think it's time to complete the picture with a new interface?

GTA San Andreas Magic Ultra Mod is a really cool graphical overhaul that basically improves all the visual elements, by introducing textures inspired by... you guessed it, GTA 5.

The GTA San Andreas Magic Ultra Mod doesn't stop here, as it adds reflections and better lighting, and transforms the interface into Grand Theft Auto V.

Now, do you still think that San Andreas is not on the same level as GTA 5?

Links: Click Here
Filename: Vice City Remastered Installer.exe
Price: Free
Size: 629MB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

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