GTA Vice City Raccoon City Stories Mod

GTA Vice City Raccoon City Stories Mod Download
RCS Productions With Bitch 'n' Dog Food Presents a Total Conversion Mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Raccoon City Stories is completely changing the idea of the game and the environment. We have been a massive fan of both the Grand Theft Auto Series & Various Zombies Games for years, So Finally Here is our effort to combine The 2: GTA Vice City Raccoon City Stories.

New Zombie Engine with more than 80 Unique Zombie { Hides & Models } around your main Mission StoryLines 10 to 15 Missions.

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Survival: The Player is born in a closed area, which is accompanied by waves of the face. The more the player kills the player { Leaving the Money } The more money is to help the player buy arms & Bodyguards. The first part is located in the mission SuperMarket { See Screen For More Reference }

Free Roam: This happens when the player wants to fly some steam & wants to go to Rambo in a Naver-Ending City, Everything he likes that supplies player around the city with new player Health, Armor, Weapons and Military Vehicles.

Zombie Mode: The tables have changed, its time is for you to highlight your anger & Zombie habits on a new saturation! You will have a group of zombies to help you with a hand or foot or running your bare hands, For The First Party Mission we are working together with player { and Its Partners }, who are destroying the military base, In which all the military personnel have been Killed and once with the primary objective to kill all will reach completion.

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Filename: Raccoon City Stories Installer.exe
Price: Free
Size: 690MB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

Author: RCS Productions
Copyright (C): - Vice City Raccoon City Stories Mod All right reserve.

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