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Grand Theft Auto: III Rage Classic Mod

Grand Theft Auto: III Rage Classic Mod Downlaod
Fans Of Grand Theft Auto III Here's something special for you today. The Rage Team has released some new ScreenShots, and a video trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV for Its upcoming total conversion mod called Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic. As the title suggests, this is a model that brings GTA 3 world and characters into GTA 4, There is no released date yet, but we will be sure to post to you, enjoy the new media after the jump!.

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Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic is a mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, created by Rage Team. There is one amendment that will bring you back to the good old 2001 Liberty City But this time, on the powerful Grand Theft Auto IV Engine (RAZ).

The Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic 2001 hit is a transformation of the Grand Theft Auto 3 Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, Which is completed with the original model and textures.

Links: Click Here
Filename: Setup.exe
Price: Free
Size: 478MB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

Author: Rage Team
Copyright (C): - Grand Theft Auto: III Rage Classic Mod All right reserve.

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