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Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III) is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Games that was released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and later for Microsoft Windows and Xbox. It is the third installment in the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise, and it revolutionized the open-world genre of video games with its non-linear gameplay, vast, immersive world, and engaging storyline.

The player assumes the role of Claude in GTA III, a silent protagonist who is betrayed by his girlfriend and left for dead during a bank robbery. The story is set in Liberty City, a fictional city based in New York City, and the game's narrative revolves around Claude's quest for revenge against those who wronged him.

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GTA 3 open-world design was an important innovation, enabling players to explore Liberty City at their own pace, interact with various NPCs, and complete missions according to their own schedule. This gave players a sense of agency and freedom that was rarely seen in video games at the time, and it laid the groundwork for future open-world games like Skyrim and The Witcher.

Additionally, GTA III introduced "wanted levels" in which the player's actions would attract law enforcement's attention, increasing difficulty and police pursuit. This mechanic added an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game, making it even more engaging.

The game's graphics were also a major step forward at the time, with detailed 3D environments and character models that brought Liberty City to life. Additionally, the game's soundtrack was notable, with an eclectic mix of genres and songs that perfectly captured its gritty, urban vibe.
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However, some criticized the GTA 3 depiction of violence and criminal behavior. Over 17 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide, and it has received numerous awards and nominations.

In conclusion, Grand Theft Auto III was a groundbreaking game that revolutionized the open-world genre and set a new standard for player freedom and interactivity. Today, gamers still remember and celebrate its innovative design, engaging storyline, and immersive world.

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