GTA Vice City 6 Fan Made Mod

GTA Vice City 6 Fan Made Mod is an exciting Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod. Developed by Kishinev Group's mod, inspired by Grand Theft Auto 6, adds new characters, Lucia and Jason, to Vice City for exciting missions.
Grand Theft Auto 6 - Vice City mod
Lucia and Jason are two new characters added by modders to Vice City. They come with unique personalities and backstories, and players can join them on a thrilling journey filled with heists, shootouts, and car chases. The mod integrates them seamlessly into the game world for a better experience.

The mod adds new missions for Lucia and Jason, offering a unique take on traditional Vice City gameplay. Players will infiltrate rival gangs and outsmart criminals for an exciting experience.
Grand Theft Auto 6 Vice City Mods
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Grand Theft Auto 6 - Files for GTA Vice City
In Vice City, the modders have created a vibrant and immersive environment. The streets and nightclubs are lively, and players can explore and discover hidden secrets.

The GTA Vice City 6 Fan Made Mod is a creative blend of Grand Theft Auto 6 and Vice City. This nostalgic and innovative mod will delight and entertain old and new fans.

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Filename: GTA Vice City 6 Fan Made Installer.exe
Price: Free
Size: 1.54GB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

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