GTA San Andreas AI Remaster Mod

GTA San Andreas Remastered ocean of games

San Andreas is arguably the best Grand Theft Auto game ever.

But with the game being so many years old, it's only natural for players to turn their attention to modding - especially with all the features we've got in GTA IV and GTA V.

So here I have given you the best mod that you can install to make GTA San Andreas feel like a completely different game.

Rejuvenate your SA experience - I'm sure you'll love the new gameplay for hours on end!

Also, if this is the first time you are installing mods, let me remind you that it is better to save a backup of your game files before installing anything.

Make sure to save a backup every time you install new mods, as some of them may not be fully compatible with each other and this may corrupt your files.

GTA SA Remastered mod
GTA San Andreas rtx mod download
GTA San Andreas Remastered Mod download

If your computer is not capable of handling high-quality graphics, this is the best medium you can download when you are tired of the traditional San Andreas look.

It adds loads of textures to the game, and even though it vastly improves everything, it's still well suited to use on low-end computers.

I believe this is possible mainly because shadows are something that computers struggle to handle (like Minecraft shaders for example).

This mod adds a ton of graphical enhancements but keeps the shadows at a very low level of quality. It all looks great, but it doesn't compromise your PC's memory usage. just what I need.

Links: Click Here
Filename: GTA San Andreas AI Remaster Installer
Price: Free
Size: 208MB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

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