GTA Vice City RTX Mod

Download New Vice City RTX: Cool Graphics for GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Definitive Edition may have a lot of glitches that make it unplayable, but it certainly looks and feels a bit better. In addition to the character models, the textures and visual effects are much better than in the original game.

Some quality-of-life upgrades, such as radio/arms wheels and GPS radar, make for a much more seamless experience. However, gamers can experience something similar in the original GTA Vice City with the help of mods.

GTA Vice City Graphics Mod gtaall
GTA Vice City RTX mod Download for android
GTA Vice City RTX download
There are various graphical modes that aim to upgrade the look of GTA Vice City and make it more presentable on modern hardware. However, this particular mod focuses on lighting instead, and the results are a lot more noticeable.

Vice City RTX is a mod for the original trilogy that uses DirectX 11 shaders for ray-traced lighting and reflectance calculations. Players should note that this mod only works for Nvidia RTX graphics cards for now, although it can support GTX and RX cards.

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Filename: Vice City RTX (GTAModPlace.CoM).rar
Price: Free
Size: 5.25GB
Virus Status: Scanned by Avast Security

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